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Solar Photovoltaic Net Metering

With solar photovoltaic (PV) net metering, electricity produced by your solar array is used to offset the power your building consumes from the grid.  A bi-directional meter measures the quantity of electricity consumed from the grid against the quantity supplied by the solar panels, resulting in a "net" total from which your hydro bill is calculated.  During months in which more electricity is generated by the solar array than is consumed by the building, a credit for the excess energy production is recorded on your bill which is then carried forward to be applied to future bills for up to 12 months.

Our professional staff handles all aspects of the planning, procurement, and installation process, in co-operation with the customer.  As not all buildings are suitable for a solar PV system, we will carry out a preliminary feasibility study at no cost to assess the key characteristics of your building and requirements for connection to the grid.

  • Turnkey solution

  • Immediate savings on utility expenses

  • Flexible financing options

  • Reduced carbon footprint

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