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Off-Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system has a few distinct advantages over diesel fuel. When you’re completely independent of the grid, you can appreciate several benefits, which include:

No more monthly utility bills!

Tired of paying exorbitant costs for fuel? Switch to solar and start saving money each month. Once you purchase the required equipment and pay for installation, the solar energy you generate from the sun will be free. With all the money you’ll save, a solar kit becomes a lot more affordable.

Less reliance on diesel fuel

Using diesel fuel is expensive. If you spend a lot of time at your cottage, relying on diesel fuel 24/7 is no small cost. With solar panels, you can generate electricity from a natural and abundant resource in Canada: sunlight!

The installation costs for a solar system may be higher upfront, but you’ll enjoy a return on your investment as the years go by.

Increase property value

If you decide to eventually sell your cottage, an off-grid solar system will factor into the value of it. Potential buyers will surely be enticed by the idea of free solar power.

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